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Actuator EP getting under the skin at Technoszene

Actuator EP von Ascorbite


Actuator EP out in September!

The second release of Corseque Records is a new four tracker showcasing the many shapes of sound that Corseque is representing. Will soon be available in all shops worldwide on 12″ vinyl.

Early support and feedback from the likes of Patrick Siech, Dustin Zahn, Nihad Tule, Andreas Tilliander, Sev Dah, Espen Lauritzen, Rivet, Micol Danieli, Unbalance, Tawa Girl, Rraph, Vito Lucente, Jin Mustafa, Vegim, Anastasia Kristensen, Hemka, Dorian Gray and many more.

Distributed by Ready Made Distribution
Mastering/Cut by Alain Paul @ Calyx
Logo by Rasmus Alkestrand @ Shape Funk