CRSQ004: Hemka and Ascorbite – Faction Vol.1

As we move forward, Corseque Records introduces a concept which we simply call Faction. A series of joint releases between artists from different corners of our beloved scene and label head Ascorbite. First in line to cover the A side is Parisian producer Hemka (Float Records/Decoy Records/Green Fetish Records).

Early support coming in from Dax J, DJ Pete, Vladw, H. Paul, Vincent Neumann, Sev Dah, WarinD, Moteka, Zitto, Diarmaid O’ Meara, Electrorites, Juan Trujillo, Fundamental Interaction, Dotwav, Arweenn, Modular Phaze, The Animated Tiara, Nic Araújo, Uron, Rob Zile, noizyknobs, MMI and counting.

Grab you copy:
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